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Where Oh where to begin. Well, My name is Angela. I am 23 years old.  I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and two of the nearest and dearest passions to my heart  (besides God, my Family & my wonderful Boyfriend) are Fashion & Writing. I know what you're thinking... you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma... girl... good luck getting involved in the Fashion World! Nonetheless, I have decided the only thing holding me back is not starting. Somewhere.. Anywhere. So, This blog is my "Starting Point". I will begin with little fashion insights and tidbits that give you a feel of what my personal style sense is, I will then move on to daily style steals, and finding great fashion at an affordable price (and when I say affordable I sincerely mean it. None of this: you can get this dress for only $200! Um, Hello! College Student here... Lucky if we get a text book at that price!) and finally; including some of the finer dreams us fashion lovers just love to indulge in. Dream a little dream with me?

I hope you enjoy, I hope you can bear with me through the process of finding my voice in the Fashion spectrum of writing, and I hope more than anything that you feel empowered, inspired, and Daring enough to try a new trend with me every now and then. :)

For all the Fashion Lovers that don't get to live in NYC or Paris



  1. Oh mof I love you. This is awesome. I will def be following you

  2. yay! Thank you for being the first official comment-er on Fashion, Style & All of the Above! I'm thinking you'll go down in the history books... ;)


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