Fashion Friday When It Rains...

Just how does One dress on Fashion Friday when it's raining outside? All I am really supposed to be doing right now is wearing work out clothes, sitting in bed with a cup of tea & reading a good book. But life just doesn't always work like that... at least not for me. So, I must get up face the storm & embrace the Friday. The question is, What to Wear? 

Rain Rain, Don't go away if I can look like this! 

Okay Girls, I get it, You're like White pants? and HEELS? Really? But trust me on this. I chose this look because quite frankly, I don't agree with the "Rain Boots are all you need for a Rainy Day!" philosophy, at least not in a fashionable sense. Their the kind of thing you should only wear if you absolutely must. Now, I realize some of you are thinking "She obviously hasn't seen the cute rain boots." My answer, yes I have- they're everywhere. Which is one of the reasons I opt out ( I wish more of us would strive to stand out, just a tidbit) But mainly, because I just think their unflattering. I mean how often do you hear: "She looked gorgeous in those rain boots" or "Did you notice her awesome figure in those rain boots?" Um, No. At least Not very often. and though I do agree there are some greats in the rain boot world (Burberry makes a killer rain boot for example) They are not the kind of item you can make look chic in a very quick approach. But more on that later... For now, follow these quick tips and at the end if you're feet can't make it through the day without the comfort of knowing they are protected by the boot then... well just read through this blog :) 

#1. DO: Stick with the Trench
Timeless, Chic, Feminine, It's just lovely, and perfect for a rainy day. Here's some places to find one for YOU, at a price for YOU TOO :) 

LoveCulture $26.90
#2. DO: Treat yourself to one fab UMBRELLA
Let's face it girls, those gorgeous tresses of yours & the 20 minutes you spent on them this morning deserve alot more than your sweater thrown over your head. (Yes, Guilty as charged...) 

Futai Clear Bubble Umbrella with Black Trim
What  I like to call the:
"Gossip Girl Umbrella" $16.99

<--------  Get the Look! 

Totes Black/White Stripe Auto Open-Close Umbrella
Also $14.99
#3.DO: Go Boots... if you must. 
Finally... Back to My "Rain Boots Rant" Okay here's what I mean: By Boots I mean Boots,  not garden rain boots. (as I like to call them) I am such an Advocate for finding cheaper versions of designer items. (You know this if you've read any of my blog) The thing is there are just certain items that it's not so easy to do that with. Rain boots being one of them. Here's what I mean:

If you're going to go rain boot, treat yourself to a pair like these Steve Maddens:
Their a Rain boot, but they remain fem, and stylish, and have a great shape. 
Steve Madden Womens Shoes, Tsunami Rain Boots
Steve Madden $89

Versus, the more common option: 

Women's Merona® Zabrina Dot Rain Boots - Black/Multicolor.Opens in a new window
Target: $29.99

See the Difference? I  know I'm going against all of our killer instincts here in telling you to spend $60 more than you probably should, but this is only for those of you that absolutely have to join the rain boot world. Myself? I'll probably just stick with the equestrian boots already in my closet - not quite a rain boot but they get the job done, and look good doing it. 

#4. In closing, DO DREAM OF LONDON. 
I mean if we have to be out & about pretending to productive on rainy days, we might as well pretend were in London while were doing it right? Trust me it helps :) 

So, Cheerio & Toodle hoo Lovelies! 


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