Good afternoon my little fashionista's! 
I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to post much over the weekend,  I'm striving to make up for it today. So here's my fresh take on great date outfits, whether its Date 1 or 15,789 .. it's time to Wow your man :)

Okay, So maybe none of our "Date Nights" look like these on the regular...but a girl can dream right? and if not she can always dress the part ;)
1. Red Never Fails

Image 4 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Wrap Dress With Belt
Wrap Dress - Asos.com $42
I wish I had a great, deep, psychological explanation as to why the male mind (or hormones) love to see a woman in a red dress, but I really don't, I just know it works. So whether your blonde, brunette, going to dinner or a show, he really won't care anymore as long as its red, and he see's some leg.  (P.S.- This wrap dress is great.  It's Flirty, but doesn't give too much away, while wrapping & extenuating your killer physique & covering up problem zones)

2. Casual Done Right

peplum + skinny =perfect summer look
Via: http://chicisimo.com

I once was having a regular sisterly talk with my brother about a girl he was dating at the time... The two of them had only been "talking" for a couple weeks or so and had recently had a "Casual Date". I think I'll always remember what he said, "She's a great girl, and she is always dressed so stunning, but sometimes I just felt like telling her, "We're hanging out in my apartment tonight, eating pizza and watching a move, why are you wearing your 4" heels???"  I feel for the girl, really I do. As a fellow fashion lover I know how hard it can be to opt for a "Hoody" when you have those brand new heels sitting in your closet just begging you to pick them up.

The thing is, there is a time and place for everything. Know the time, Know the place. I love the idea of a cozy night on the couch, but if your man is opting to take you out of the house for something he considers a "Casual Date" I'm sure it won't bother him to be next to someone who looks casual, yet stunning. So instead of the hoody opt for skinny jeans and a peplum top with flats (pictured above). The skinny jeans and flats say " I can still have a good time & not break my ankle, while the peplum top adds femininity & shape.
To dress up a casual look pair black classic heels with a top that's not so dressy and black jeans, instant sexy yet I can still hang with the boys.

3. The Girly Girl 
Floral Dress: Asos.com 

Let's face it, he is going out with you tonight for multiple reasons (you're smart, beautiful, funny etc. etc.) But if we had to dumb it down to one sole attribute - it's because you're a girl, and he WANTS to go out with a girl! So play that up sister...WE have the luxury of having so much more fun than boys, pink, purple, flowers diamonds! Let him see you shine, a dress like this one practically does the flirting for you :) 

4.  When all else fails; go BLACK

Little Black Dress
Sigh.. .Audrey... If we could all just take a tip or two from you... 

all black
via: theyallhateus.com
You really can never go wrong with the classic "Little Black Dress". Black hides all your "sins" all the while maintaining a sexy, chic look that will have him drooling. My only advice; if he see's you wearing black every day to work, don't try to pull off the same look when he takes you out for a nice dinner. There's nothing wrong with recycling outfits just make sure its date appropriate, add some colorful jewelry, hike up the hem, (not crazy short just a couple inches). If it's office appropriate it's not exactly Date suitable. 
 If you're not in a Dress Mood you can also opt for Black on Black, very intimidating, but in all the right ways. (If it's a first date though, I would add some fun jewelry, you don't want to give him a too serious vibe, Married Ladies, go all out Matrix, he'll love it.)
*Tip - to either the all black dress, or pants look add bright colored heels, you can choose any color and they'll add some fun to your solemn wardrobe choice. 

5. Dress like YOU

Dressed down.
High, low, yo.Veruschka, 1965. Serious style.
Every Fashion Blog in the entire world could give you the best tips on dressing  well for your upcoming date, but if it doesn't say you then why waste the poor chaps time? This is particularly true for "First Dates". Be sure to give him the best glimpse possible into who you really are. That being said, I'm not talking about the you who sits on her bed in her ducky pajama's with a pint of ice cream you... but the you who shines when you leave the house, proud of what you're wearing & proud of WHO YOU ARE. That my dears, is the true key to a FABULOUS outfit, and a date that changes your dating history. 

I would so love to hear how your next date goes, using any of these tips! 
All my Love, 


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