It's so easy to get dressed for a date in the warmer months...that little dress in the back of your closet, boom wear it. Meanwhile in the Winter, things get a little bit more complicated.
It's cold for one, so deep down we just want to put on his big sweatshirt & slippers and call it a day; but to our dismay (and love at the exact same time) winter calls for some more dressed up occasions. The question is; how to pull off heels & a dress when you're up to your nose in freezing cold air & how to pull off "cute" when you're running around like a 6 year old at the first snowfall.

Have no fear, I come bearing a guide.
Winter Date Night

1. For those nights that call for your mothers pearls. A night out to see the Nut Cracker perhaps? Don't hold back. Especially if your man has gone to the lengths of planning the more "extravagant" evening for the two of you. Opt for a long sleeve dress with lacy or patterned tights to keep warm. A great dress coat can go a long way as well. You will look just as fabulous with it on before unveiling your dress - a great Christmas Red can never hurt either this time of year.

2. For those in-between-er dates. You're not exactly staying home in sweats and renting a red-box  but you're not going to the opera either. The dinner & a movie dates, the group outings with friends, this night calls for looking trendy but not over done all at the same time. Cute layering is key here. Take your favorite leggings and pair with a feminine top and cardigan over top for extra warmth. Add some jewel tones with jewelry or a scarf and you are the perfect combination of medium flare!

3. For the let it all go & have some FUN nights. Every couple needs to do this at some point this winter. Throw on a trendy little sock hat (or a toque as we Canadians like to call them) and hit the snow! Live in a warmer climate? Go ice skating hand in hand whether it be indoors or outdoors- it's the perfect casual yet oh so cutely mushy date.

What's your Favorite thing to wear in the Winter Months? 
Tell me all about it below! 


  1. How cute is your blog! Loving that sweater...makes me want to frolic in the snow. :) new friend from the GFC blog hop! xx

  2. I desperately need a pair of cute boots!

    1. Jamie - you can't go wrong with cute boots!
      I have all of mine from last year-- it's time for an update for me too ;)

  3. Such great advice and outfit choices! I am giving you the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please see my site for details



    1. Meghan!! Ahhh, thank you so much!!
      So sweet of you :)) I'm checking your page right now!

  4. Love those outfits!

    Thanks for stopping at my blog! Following you back! :)


  5. Such a cute blog! Living in the south makes dressing for the "winter" date nights difficult. I love fall and winter clothes but we go from 70's to 30's in a snap! If it's somewhere nice I love wearing a skirt, tights, boots and a sweater. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Candin, I feel you on that one!!
      The saying around here goes... "If you don't like the weather, stick around for a minute, it will change" Haha So corny, but so true!
      This week we were in the 70's, last week was 40's!!
      But the good thing is it's December, so no matter what the temperature you really can't go wrong with a "Holiday" look :)
      Thanks for stopping by dear!

  6. I'm gonna try to put together these outfits! I LOVE all three of them. :)


  7. I am LOVING that green parka coat! It is gorgeous :)


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