Never Leave the House Without...

Never Leave the House Without It

Okay, obviously this "list" is looking a little shallow. Maybe you could stack a few things on there like your phone, your keys, your KIDS? But hey we're keeping things simple today on the blog... it's been quite the Tuesday. Nonetheless I've found myself fall victim to forgetting one if not all of the things above and it taught me just how important they are. 

1. Mascara/ Body Spray 
Sure, you're just running errands today, but nothing feels worse than half way through the day when you just need a refresher...but you're across town, at rush hour. Mascara & a bit of body spray do wonders for me in this area. A fresh clean smelling spray that you keep in your car or purse is great for those moments when you realize you totally forgot to put deodorant on this morning. (To the ladies that carry deodorant around, more power to ya). Mascara is just my favorite makeup item, it can brighten up your eyes without looking like you just slabbed your whole makeup bag on your face. 

2. Your Trendy Wallet 
Sure, carrying your wallet with you is a give-in  but having a trendy wallet fights the hassle of having to lug around your giant (yet I'm still sure, oh so trendy) bag. On the right day I like to simply grab my wallet & my keys & hit the store. Although, *Tip: if you do decide to go wallet only be sure it's on you at all times. If you are one of those "inevitably going to set it down and leave it somewhere" kind of people, it's probably wiser to take a large obnoxious bag & just deal with it. ;) 

3. Flats & a Sweater 
This one is a classic Angela... I wear heels a lot, in fact even a lot is an understatement. But there's nothing I regret more than wearing heels to a "party" only to discover the party is actually a bonfire, & the bonfire is actually in the middle of the woods. My point is this: have a pair of flats in your car or bag, throw a cute sweater in there too & you can go from awkward girl tripping over herself to the life of the party, just thanks to a little switcharoo. 

4. A Smile 
I'd say go ahead & call me cheesy, but you can't because I used the ever classy Audrey Hepburn in my favor, & that woman is everything but cheesy. Her quote "Happiest Girls are the Prettiest Girls" rings true still today. There's nothing that a gorgeous smile can't overcome, & walking around with your shoulders slumped & your face in a grump (Okay THAT was cheesy) isn't flattering for anyone my dears. So when you walk out the door in the morning, double check your teeth & smile until your cheeks hurt. :)

I'm Curious, What's the ONE thing YOU can't leave the house without?? 
Tell me below! 


  1. Love that wallet! So cute!

  2. Good stuff here! Mascara is a def must have! And, I always carry Chapstick. Always.
    I love your story about heels at a bonfire. I totally agree with flats in the car. There's been countless times while on the go, I've needed to change out of heels.

    1. Haha, So glad to know I'm not alone in that department! My whole philosophy of "It's better to be over dressed than under-dressed" doesn't ALWAYS work in my favor ;)
      and def on the Chap stick too, especially at this time of year!

  3. I have a very similar list. I never leave without mascara, lip gloss, flats, a cardigan, my iphone, etc.

    xo, Emily

  4. Replies
    1. Isn't it?! I have a similar one in a peachy color, but I'm loving this nude.

  5. Thanks for following me! Love this post and your blog :)


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