They're at it again, looking lady like, and fabulous that is. Though I missed the beginning of last night's presidential debate (I was on quite an adorable spontaneous date with my beau, more on that later)
I caught the end, and caught both First Ladies rocking the pink! (Do you think they text-ed each other beforehand? :) )
I ADORE the teal statement necklace Ann Romney chose to pair with her bright pink dress (as well as the nails and gold watch, hello pinterest queen!) But I also loved Michelle's regal and form fitting jacket + dress combo fit for any first lady. 
So the age old question lies with you... 


As always,
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  1. I like the material of Mrs.Obama's better. Looks classier. Mrs. Romeny's looks like those 90s shirts that would stretch to one size fits all

  2. Haha, sadly your mistaken dear.

    Up Close Romney's dress is actually made of Tweed, which with all of the summer hues makes it more Autumn Appropriate. I do agree though that Obama had a much sharper look, whereas Romney looks much softer.

    ... keep the comments Rollin!

  3. This Just in!

    Michelle's Dress is none other than Michael Kors.

    Still waiting on word of Romney's.

  4. i totally missed they were both wearing pink last night, what happened to the traditional red and blue dresses like they were sporting in the first debate? oh my pick is ann wore pink better

  5. @Meg I read somewhere that it might have been in support of Women, so I still think the text thing happened between the two of them ;) ha!

  6. oh i guess that makes sense all the football teams wear pink through october, ok i like that then

  7. REALLY? How have I never known that? Big Burly men wearing pink for an entire month? I'm half shocked it slipped by me, and half not so shocked considering a rarely watch a game ;)
    Learn something new everyday I guess! :)

  8. i think i like ann's better but it might be because i cant see all of michelle's :) although in such a vibrant color im not sure sleeves make it look better.

    (i couldnt watch debate here in norway) :)

  9. @Megan Here's a fuller viewer of both women's dresses:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_635/michelle-obama-ann-romney-2nd-debate.jpg

    And thanks for checking out my site all the way from Norway!! I bet it is just beautiful there right now.


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