FASHION WEEK... In Oklahoma.

This week I've been a little bit MIA I must admit, and not just with my little baby blog & you lovely readers, really in my every day. Yes, It's true my usually somewhat sane head has been lost in the clouds this week dreaming of Fashion Week... what else? I should feel inspired & empowered! Right? Well, sometimes I fall short & think "What in the world am I doing writing a blog on Fashion & Style in Oklahoma? (No offense my okies, I love you really).  
But then it HITS ME. 
What IS Tulsa, Oklahoma without the dreamers, and the artists, and the wanna be's of downtown? The truth is I love being me, and I love loving fashion. So, if that means I stick out like a sore thumb next to cowboy boots & sweats so be it... I'll just be up here pretending I'm at Fashion Week, anyone want to join me? :) 

SO, Without Further Adieu.... Some of my favorite looks of the week so far:

Monika Chang Spring 2013
Time to get some patterned pants gals! Very Jessica Alba
P.S. Saw a pair at Marshall's the other day for only $14.99... and I didn't buy them because?? 

The Art Institute of NYC
I call this one "Feminine Professional" proving you CAN have both. 
Tadashi Shoji 2013
Because Every girl should dream about walking the "Red Carpet" in a dress like this.

Did they just bring back the pant suit? Yes, Yes they did.
Nicholas K Spring 2013
Kaelen Spring 2013
Proves the LBD really does Never, Ever go out of style.
Where My head's been pretending my body is all week.
I'm the girl hiding behind the phone ... right? ;) 
For more sneak peeks into the wonderful world of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week visit: HERE.
 It's been my little vice for the last few days... the butter to my bread, the Ben to my Jerry's, the Louis to my Vuitton if you will. I may cave in another couple days and post a few more of my favs.. until then, let's throw our own "Fashion Week" for ourselves! YOUR World is YOUR runway ladies, go own it this weekend!



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